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Open Letter to Partners

Together we have made, and continue to make, an immediate and direct impact in our clients’ lives and on public health in Southern Nevada. Let us give thanks for the purposeful opportunities we have shared to serve at-risk, hard-to-reach API communities and to serve each other. Let us reaffirm our commitment to the public health battle to eradicate hepatitis B. Make no mistake: the virus is squarely in our collective boresight. In Vegas-speak, the odds are starting to lean in our favor.

Our work evolves as conditions change.

We are anticipating the positive impact of the Affordable Care Act on uninsured APIs. However, even as they move from uninsured to insured status, cultural and linguistic barriers will continue to confront them. Our linkage to care activities for our hepatitis B positive clients may expand to include in-language assistance to help them access medical care through their health insurance company.

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