Mission & Vision


  • To educate at-risk, hard-to-reach API communities in Southern Nevada about their high risk for chronic hepatitis B and in doing so, engage them in the public health battle against it;
  • To provide free screenings to APIs and others at risk who present themselves at our screening events;
  • To facilitate hepatitis B vaccine for those who test not infected/not immune and seek vaccine protection;
  • To link to a system of health care delivery those who are infected regardless of health insurance status;
  • To encourage medical providers to routinely screen their API patients for hepatitis B in accordance with CDC guidelines;
  • To develop and maintain a database of our services as a tool to measure our outcomes and share them with our partners and to ensure that on-going actions and decisions are evidence-based; and
  • To cultivate Aloha Spirit in ourselves and in our relationships with our clients, volunteers and partners.


  • To earn the trust of our clients;
  • To inspire the respect of our volunteers and partners; and
  • To secure the engagement of API communities and medical providers in the public health battle against chronic hepatitis B.