HepBFreeLasVegas and the Affordable Care Act

HepBFreeLasVegas and the Affordable Care Act

In October 2013, HBFLV started working with the Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai communities to educate them on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and on how to enroll in Nevada Health Link (NHL), the portal to Nevada’s health insurance exchange.  It quickly became clear that linguistic barriers and consumer lack of computer competency were going to be major deterrents to understanding and enrollment.

In response, HBFLV quickly developed a facilitated pre-enrollment/on-site enrollment pilot and received the staff support of the Governor’s Office of Consumer Health Advocacy (GovCHA).  With that support came the commitment of East Valley Family Services (EVFS) to provide enrollers for the pilot.

HBFLV coordinated a total of 6 ACA education events and 8 facilitated pre-enrollment events between October 2013 and March 31, 2014 at two Buddhist community centers.  Using native language speakers, the Pilot Team (consisting of HBFLV, GovCHA, EVFS and 2 Buddhist community centers) educated APIs on ACA benefits and on the NHL enrollment process and assisted applicants in completing a short form application and consent forms for EVFS and GovCHA.

HBFLV and the Buddhist community centers followed up with the applicants to obtain any required supporting documentation.  Completed applications and documents were submitted to EVFS, whose enrollers created applicant accounts in NHL.

Applicants were scheduled to return to the Buddhist community centers for on-site interviews with EVFS enrollers to verify the accuracy of the data in their accounts, to learn about their options and to select their health plans.  When the NHL system wasn’t “error messaging”, the time for health consumers was significantly reduced from an average of up to 2 hours down to 45 minutes.  A representative from GovCHA was always present to answer specific questions applicants had and to take note of any problematic issues related to the on-line NHL enrollment process.  Native language speakers from the Buddhist community centers facilitated communication between applicants and enrollers.  The pilot provided a culturally and linguistically appropriate environment for one-to-one health consumer education and enrollment.

Post enrollment, the Pilot Team worked together to respond to applicants who called for assistance to track their applications and/or to explain “insufficiency-of-information” letters from Nevada Department of Welfare & Support Services, the agency responsible for making the final decision on Medicaid eligibility.

This pilot was collaborative and organic.  Its efficiency and success are rooted in the commitment of the Pilot Team members to reach, educate and enroll our uninsured, limited English speaking brothers and sisters in these communities.

2013-2014 Affordable Care Act Education & Facilitated Enrollment Events

03/25/2014 Facilitated Enrollment @ Pho Quang 

03/19/2014 Facilitated Enrollment @ Pho Quang  

03/12/2014 Follow-up Education @ Pho Quang

03/11/2014 Follow-up Education @ Pho Quang

02/18/2014 Facilitated Enrollment @ Tzu Chi

02/07/2014 Facilitated Enrollment @ Tzu Chi

01/22/2014 Facilitated Enrollment @ Pho Quang

12/17/2013 ACA Education – GovCHA Paper Application @ Pho Quang

12/12/2013 Facilitated Enrollment @ Pho Quang

12/05/2013 Facilitated Enrollment @ Tzu Chi

12/04/ 2013 Facilitated Enrollment @ Pho Quang

11/19/2013 ACA Education – GovCHA & Nevada Health Coop@ Pho Quang

10/29/2013 ACA Education – GovCHA & Nevada Health Coop @ Pho Quang

10/11/2013 ACA Education – GovCHA, Nevada Health Coop & Latin Chamber of Commerce @ Tzu Chi