Additional Programs

In addition to our free screenings, facilitated vaccine and linkage to care activities, we have several programs:

  • PCP Pilot Program: We invite primary care physicians who serve API communities to participate in our Primary Care Physicians Pilot Program in which they offer their existing API patients and other at risk patients free screening for hepatitis B under our program. Their patients who elect to participate complete our registration, consent and authorization forms in their clinics. Patient follow-up (communication of test results, recommendation to receive vaccine protection at Southern Nevada Health District or follow-up medical care for those who test positive) is integrated into the patient’s on-going medical care. Dr. Benito Calderon and FirstMed Health and Wellness Center participate in our PCP Pilot Program. As HepBFreeLasVegas matures, we hope that other PCPs and clinics will participate.
  • University Program: University of Nevada Las Vegas Student Health Services offers free hepatitis B screening and free hepatitis B vaccine to all students, faculty and staff at UNLV. Follow-up (communication of test results, vaccine administration or referral to an outside physician for care) is integrated into on-going operations of the clinic. We hope to expand this initiative into other higher education institutions in Southern Nevada.
  • Youth Mentoring: We believe in promoting health leadership in younger generations of APIs. In 2011 and 2013, several of our student volunteers were accepted by the Asian Liver Center’s Youth Leadership Conference at Stanford University for 4 days of intensive training on hepatitis B community education strategies. Our students have come back highly motivated in two areas: community volunteerism and their understanding of the seriousness of Chronic Hepatitis B as a health disparity for APIs.